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Max's Advanced Technical Skills Legacy Training:

Max's Advanced Technical Skills Legacy Training Program is a tribute to Max, his dedication to improving the game, and determination to take leadership both on, and off the field. The program stands for everything Max believed in and taught to hundreds of players, before his tragic passing in a hit-and-run car crash early morning on February 16, 2023. 

"In our hearts forever #19"

Max was a leader on and off the field with a desire to continuously be a part of something bigger than himself. His positive energy made him an outstanding teammate, friend, son, brother, and trainer who left a mark that never went unnoticed. Max’s journey in impacting hundreds of youth soccer players at CTR all started in the grass roots of Marlboro as a young player. At the age of 5, Max started playing soccer recreationally. Quickly, his passion for the game grew, and it inspired him to join the Marlboro travel program when he was 7 years old, becoming a part of the MSA Mavericks. 

Max was driven to continuously better his game. Through his time at Marlboro, he learned immense amounts about the game from spending so much time with his older brothers, the MSA Warriors. His determination to constantly better himself granted him an honorary player spot with the MSA Warriors during their route to a National Championship in 2016. The Warriors considered Max to be a little brother, which shaped him to be an extraordinarily technical player. Max was a huge Real Madrid supporter who admired Cristiano Ronaldo, who inspired him to have some of the best feet on every team he played for. 





After great success within Marlboro, at the age of 15, Max moved on to play at the highest level of youth soccer with Cedar Stars' Developmental Academy Team. He played at the Developmental Academy level for two years until moving onto becoming a coach at CTR.




His advanced technical skills and ability to read the game so well sparked him to become a coach of the game he loved to play. His journey as a coach started as a cadet, where he taught both the recreation and travel programs. After training hundreds of kids, he became a master skills trainer.


During his senior year at Marlboro High School, Max joined the Marlboro Varsity Boys Soccer team to officially finish off his playing career. He decided to continue his academic career at Rutgers University, where he pursued a Sports Management degree. While at Rutgers, Max continued to give to his new community as a brother at his fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha. Max cherished his relationship with his childhood friends, some of whom became his roommates at Rutgers. 



  Max was a beloved son to his father Frank Rizzi, owner of CTR Soccer. He always accompanied his father to his training sessions. Frank will miss watching Max take the same path everyday, parking his car, and bringing such a vibrant energy with one goal in mind: help advance the technical skills of as many youth players as possible. His comforting energy will forever be remembered by Frank. 

Max loved the Marlboro Middle School lower lit turf and Vanderburg Soccer Complex. He spent countless hours playing on those very same fields that he later conducted his small skills classes as a coach. Frank and Max shared a special place together at those fields as their routine was always the same: sharing gear, water, food, and a strong passion for the game. Max’s passion was not just limited to the soccer fields. He had a unique style for fashion that was second to none, always looking good and smelling good. 

Aside from soccer, Max was an avid sports and music fan. Steph Curry was one of his biggest idols, he was a huge Golden State Warriors supporter. Whether it be sitting court side at the Lakers vs. Warriors game in LA, attending Kobe’s last game in New York, watching Aaron Judge chase the record at a Yankees game, attending playoffs for the NY Rangers, a Real Madrid game in New Jersey when the team was on tour, or going to the garden to watch a UFC fight annually, Max lived his life to the fullest. He always said, “You only live once - live to the fullest.” Max got the opportunity to meet many of his rap and sports idols as well.


Max played a vital role in developing CTR Soccer into one of the the top training companies in New Jersey. The powerful impact that Max had on his teammates, youth players, brothers, friends, and family is truly indescribable. The CTR community is turning pain into purpose, and living through Max’s legacy.

In loving memory of Max Spivak "my son, my best friend, my inspiration, our miracle" 
 - Frank Rizzi

In honor of Max, a goFundMe page has been set up to be allocated to 2 players in the Marlboro Soccer Association annually.


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